I'm back!

I've been slacking on posting lately. Unfortunately, I've been sick these past couple of days and not wanting to take off work even with being sick I have come home just exhausted. Luckily I have today and the next three days off work to rest up and celebrate memorial day weekend!

Today I slept in forever; with being sick I haven't got much sleep, so it was great being able to catch up on my beauty sleep! I went to the bank and then went to what we call "The Avenue" to shop for my dads birthday. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry (ugh) and getting rid of clothes I no longer wear to give to Goodwill. I may have even snuck in a little nap while watching Say Yes to The Dress with my momma this evening too!

This weekend is pretty busy for me. My sister and her husband, along with their three, yes I did just say three, dogs (that makes 5 dogs residing in our house this weekend) are coming home for the weekend! On Sunday I plan on going with my sister to look at apartments (SHES MOVING BACK TO MD!!!!!) and then my family is celebrating my daddy's birthday! I'm not sure what we are doing for Memorial Day but I am positive it involves a cookout.

I have recently been stalking reading a lot of different Tumblrs, and let me tell you I have become #obsessed. One in particular really stood out to me, its called The Rules. It is basically rules that every southern woman should live by, and I love love love every rule posted. This rule is quite possibly my favorite one because of how true it really is.

No one likes someone who thinks they are going to be more liked by being mean to someone! :)
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 

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