Shout-out to Preakness!

As many of you may know yesterday was Preakness, sadly I was working and couldn't attend, but congrats to Shackleford for the big win!! Preakness is a huge deal here in Maryland, that is all anyone could talk about yesterday (and maybe the fact that the world was supposed to end?). Preakness is held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, only about twenty-five minutes from my house.

Sadly, there has been some talk lately about shutting it down to create a shopping center. I find it quite unfortunate that something so historical like Pimlico that brings so much money and people into Baltimore would be destroyed for shopping! I hope and pray this does not happen because I just cannot wait to have kids and dress them up in their lilly outfits to attend Preakness. I really do love Maryland and all of our traditions!

I work as a hostess at a local family owned and operated restaurant. We sell the BEST cakes ever and we ship them in from a bakery called sugar bakers located about twenty minutes away from my work. I sometimes will buy slices to bring home to my parents they love hate me for it, but I feel too guilty only buying one for myself! One of the cakes we sell is called the pimlico cake; its yellow cake with chocolate icing and a boston creme filling. It is absolutely delicious. Well in leu of it being Preakness yesterday, I only thought it would be appropriate to have a slice!

Hope you all watched the Preakness!! Enjoy your Sunday!

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