Let it Snow!?!

Do you see what I see?!

Maybe this picture will give you a better idea....

Yep, thats right there is snow on the ground. First snow fall of the season and it isn't even halloween yet!!

This weekend was quite the busy one!! On Friday night my roommate and I had a halloween get together at our place (I was twister)! Saturday we had a game against Delaware, however it had already started snowing/hailing by that point and there was no way I would be tailgating in that weather. I decided to go home for the night to spend time with my parents. We ate a delicious dinner, sat by the fire, and ended the night watching Bad Teacher (word of advice: don't even bother watching it....the movie was awful). I woke up this morning and loved seeing the snow still on the ground and decided to make homemade hot chocolate! I am back at school now with a whole lot of studying, cleaning, and grocery shopping to do...and lets not forget a ravens game to watch! Here's some pictures from the weekend:

The girls on Friday night!

Lovely Dinner my parents cooked!

My costume!

My DELICIOUS homemade hot chocolate!

I hope everyone's weekend was safe and enjoyable! What did everyone be for "Halloweekend"?!
Go Ravens!! 

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