Viva La Barstool!

Last night I attended the Barstool Blackout Tour at the Recher in Towson, MD with two of my good friends, Danielle and Danielle! It is basically a blacklight party with loud music, cut off t-shirts and LOTS and lots of dancing. Barstool goes all over the country to different schools and cities doing this Blackout Tour (Clemson, Michigan, and Maryland are just some of the schools they've come to!). Not something I would normally be in attendance of, because that is definitely not my scene, but tickets were only about $20 so I said why not! Talking with people in my classes, so many people were looking for tickets, even willing to spend over $50 to get one!
Danielle, me, and Danielle!! (we made shirts for the event)
The Recher is walking distance from our townhouse at school, so we set out on our way at around 10pm last night! We got there and were surprised by the small amount of people that were there (apparently, it was supposed to be sold out?!?) but about 30 minutes later the place was jammed packed!! We saw a ton of people we knew which was really fun!
The girls and I at the Recher!
I was not a fan of being sweaty, pushed around, people stepping on my poor little toes, ears ringing and people falling on me which is probably why I don't attend these things in the first place! I decided to leave around midnight because I still had class in the morning and needed to get some sleep! I also had one of my parents dogs, Riley, staying at my house that evening so I wanted to be able to get back to him!! I had a lot of fun with my friends and just being able to dance after these past few crazy weeks!
Riley and I being silly!! 
 Overall, I am glad I went and had a good time but I'm not so sure anyone that didn't get a ticket missed out!

Have you guys ever heard of this Blackout Tour? Have you ever been to something like this? Did you have fun? 

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Michelle P said...

I've never heard of it. Sounds interesting though.