Cake Pops!

Cake pops have been "popping" up everywhere lately! While I wait in line at Starbucks for my vanilla chai tea latte I can't help but notice the delicious looking cake pops! Luckily, when I get Starbucks it's usually in the morning and can still convince myself it is too early to get one ;)

I came home this past weekend to find that my mom had bought this machine called Babycakes (cutest name of a product ever...that alone would get me to buy it!!). We obviously just had to try it, and since my brother and sister were both home too it was perfect timing!

After dinner we got straight to work! We were hoping to watch a movie after so to save some time we bought store bought cake mix and icing (too bad Verizon had an "outage" so we couldn't even order the movie Crazy Stupid Love).

You make the batter as you normally would according to the recipe on whatever cake mix you bought (for this, we bought Duncan Hines yellow cake mix).

You then take the cake mix and pour it into a pastry bag. Unfortunately, our pastry bag broke last winter so we made do by cutting a corner of a zip-lock bag. You then fill up the holes of the machine and bake for about 5 minutes!
Once they are done baking they look like this:
The machine comes with holders that you place the cooked cake balls once they are done!
After that, you place a stick that comes with the machine through the middle of the ball!
You are now ready to ice then eat your cake pops! This is where the Miller family tends to change things up a bit. Instead of having the icing harden, we melted the store bought icing and dipped our cake pops into them!
We then topped them with some sprinkles!
Now time to eat!!!!!!

These were so much fun to make and was a great activity to enjoy with family!

Have you ever heard of cake pops before? Have you ever tried making them?!


Savannah said...

Totally blog stalking you now, but I LOVE your blog! I've made cake pops for a few years, but my method takes so much energy and time. I've never tried the "machine" you have. Do you like it? It just might be my saving grace with the upcoming holiday season. :)

Barefoot and Preppy said...

Aw thank you so much, I love yours as well!! I would love to hear how you make yours, but yes I really like mom actually gave it to me because she didn't know how often she would use it but I can't wait to start baking for friends and neighbors!!