Decisions, Decisions...

Lately I have been SO indecisive, I just can't figure out want I want. Whether it be deciding on what to eat for dinner or more importantly what I want to be for the rest of my life, i just can't seem to decide!

This past week has been jammed pack between tests and advising meetings that it hasn't given me the chance to just take a minute to think about things. But with my busy schedule winding down I have been able to think about a lot of things more clearly and have made some pretty drastic decisions.

I decided to change my major...shocker, I know. My family clearly saw it coming, but I obviously did not. My entire life I have wanted to be a teacher so going into my freshman year of college my major was pretty clear for me. I went into elementary education and actually really enjoyed it. But when I transferred schools I decided it was also time for a change of majors. I decided to go with political science because I absolutely love politics and learning about it is fun for me. With taking 5 political science classes though I have realized the opportunities for jobs in this area is pretty slim. So, on as much of a whim as I changed my major the first time I changed it right back to elementary education.

I'm really excited and happy about this decision because teaching children is something I know I will truly enjoy doing. While I love learning about politics I just don't think I would find the career aspect of it as much fun. My advisor, who was probably the nicest lady ever, told me if I don't enjoy what I do day in and day out then I'm just not going to be very satisfied with life. This totally changed my perspective because I've always had the mindset of as long as I am making money then I can be happy. You can't just leave work at home, its your life and it will follow you so you better like it.

Have you ever changed your major or decided you wanted to do something completely different than what you had originally decided?!

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