Happy Birthday to YOUUUU!

My roommate Danielle turns the big 19 today!!!!!! I have known her forever because we grew up playing lacrosse together and have lived in the same area...and now we live together at school!

Before a Towson football game!
(I'm top row on the right and she is top row third in from the left)

At the beach! 
At Macky's in Ocean City, MD

Freshman year of college!
Happy birthday Danielle!!! Love you and can't wait to celebrate!!!

It is also my brother-in-law Mike's birthday!!!!!!!!! He's turning 30!! yayayyayay!! We will be celebrating this evening at my parents house!!

At my graduation!!


Danielle said...

Ahh love you!! Thank youu <3

Fashion Meets Food said...

How cute! Happy Birthday to your roomie! xo