Okay so lets be honest, I have NEVER been a fan of purple. The only purple I will ever wear is when I'm cheerin' on my Ravens! However, this season I have seen the color periwinkle everywhere. I decided I would try out this new trend and ever since have fallen in love!

It started this summer when I saw the CUTEST shirt online from Crewcuts! Even though it was long sleeves and I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it until the fall I decided to buy it anyways. Well now that the weather has cooled down I have finally had the chance to wear the shirt!

Since I fell in love with the color I decided I would move on to wearing the color on my nails. I picked up this Essie nail polish from Walmart and have since worn it twice on my nails and always get the nicest compliments!

Here are some other pieces I just love in this color!

Via {Crewcuts}
Via {Crewcuts}

How much do you love this color?! Have you guys jumped on the bandwagon with this color trend? Are there any other colors you suggest I try this season?

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Jess said...

What color is that from Essie? I really like it!