Preppy Puppies!

Alright so what is better than Lilly Pulitzer and your dog?! A Lilly Pulitzer collar made just for your pup!!
This is one of the collars made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric! 
My sister recently started a line of designer dog collars and leashes!! It's called Preppy Puppies and I swear they are the CUTEST collars I have ever seen! Each collar is handmade and the highest quality (my dog Riley has had his collar for at least a year now and it still looks brand new!!).

Hellooo! If you like to golf here is the perfect collar for you! 
I may be a little bias since she is my sister and all but seriously, they are the cutest collars ever! You cannot find this kind of thing at Petco! What's even better is say you really like the Ravens (i mean come on, who doesn't?!) and want your dog to sport a Ravens collar. Just email and she will work with you to find a perfect pattern and create a custom collar just for's that simple!

I helped her pick out this fabric!
Go to her website and check out the collars! Even if you don't have a dog, these collars make the perfect gift for the dog lover!! shipping until hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

Do you love the collars?! Which one is your favorite??! (mines the first one pictured...i love Lilly Pulitzer) 


Michelle P said...

I need one of these for my small dog! I love the second one.

The Cableknit Chronicles said...

I need a dog and the top collar ASAP.

Savannah said...

These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!