Welly Socks!

So now that it is winter I am so so so excited to be able to wear my Hunter wellies as snowboots!! Luckily, Hunter has a line of socks that fit perfectly inside the boots to keep your toesies nice and warm throughout the chilly winter! The only problem is....there are SO many options of socks (I guess that isn't really a problem though). I have the tall high gloss wellies in black. Since the boots are black I have plenty of options of sock colors I can pair it with!
What my boots look like!
These cable-knit socks in the cream color are by far my favorite pair! How cute would these be inside the black wellies?! Dyinggggg, so cute! These will definitely be one of my next purchases! 

I find these to be a nice choice as well. The all fleece socks come in so many different colors that you can match them to your outfit. I tend to go with neutral colors though, because they match with most outfits. They look so comfy I just want to slip my feet into them right now! 
I think these are just SO fun! I can imagine them inside my boots when I'm wearing my black north face and just need a little pop of pattern. The socks range from about $20-$40 which I think is a pretty good deal seeing as depending on which color you choose you will probably get a lot of wear out of them during the winter months. 

Do you own wellies? During the winter do you use the Hunter welly socks?


westofprep said...

I have been lusting over knit wellie socks for ages! I texted my grandmother to say that it was going to snow soon and I was thinking how perfect they'd be, to which she replied "have fun!" Now I just need money and then maybe they'd be mine!

Barefoot and Preppy said...

Aren't they just the cutest?! I'm still trying to convince myself it isn't winter and that I don't have a need for them yet! They would make a perfect holiday gift!!