Hi again!

Okay so I have been really really busy lately...as stated in my last post, but I promise once this semester is over with I will be back to blogging regularly! Let me catch you up with what I have been doing lately...

1. Getting a 95% on a 7 page paper on rising sea levels in Maldives (side note: very interesting topic and Maldives is a beautiful place!)
GORGEOUS! who wouldn't want to be there?!
2. Getting an 80% on my business law final exam (not the greatest of all grades but hey...at least I didn't fail)
3. Planning an ugly sweater party with my roommates! We may or may not have invited 80+ people to our little townhouse. Not so sure our neighbors are going to have as much fun as we will on Friday, oops. Also not sure how we are going to fit this many people in our house...the more the merrier I guess!!! Surprisingly enough, ugly sweaters were hard to come by this year!!
Need to buy this bad boy!
4. Planning a FREE (yes, I did just say free!) trip to New York thanks to a promotion from Megabus. While I am not a fan of traveling in cars or buses, especially when I am not the one driving, it should be an adventure for me and my roommate Danielle! I may have forgotten to mention...we are leaving at 1:30am...yeah. At least we will make it in time for Live with Kelly and the Today show!
Empire state of mind?!...anyone?
5. Receiving early Christmas gifts. Okay so it wasn't exactly a Christmas gift but my parents generously got me a pair of RayBans...with my prescription and all! Because of this I didn't ask for much on my Christmas list (except an Iphone) because boy oh boy did those sunglasses cost a pretty penny! Thank you mommy and daddy, I am SO blessed!!
6. Studying, writing papers, studying, writing papers...oh and did I mention studying and writing papers?! Next wednesday I will officially be done with this semester and I am beyond excited! If you follow me on twitter you will know how much this semester has sucked for me...never in my life will I take an 8am ever again!
Cook Library...my home. 
7. Searching for the most perfect New Years Eve dress...with absolutely NO luck. Anyone want to help a sister out?!

Even though my life hasn't exactly been the most exciting as of late, it will sure to be better once I am home for an entire MONTH with all my family and friends. I have so many things planned for break already and it is sure to be exciting!

I have missed y'all!! What have you been up to lately?!

I'm Back!!

Sorry I have been so MIA lately!! After a lovely Thanksgiving break I unfortunately got sick with the stomach flu, let's just say that wasn't fun...at all. My sister had it during break and you know how it goes...once one family member catches something they all get it!

Now that I'm better I have been so busy with school work seeing as it's finals season! I've even been too busy to notice that Christmas is only 19 days away (well...maybe not too busy!)!!! But I really do need to get a start on all the shopping I have to do! I don't have much I want this year (except for a white Iphone.....santa....please....I hate my blackberry...) but here are somethings I wouldn't mind finding underneath the tree Christmas morning ;)

For New Years!

I just love this dress!

love the darker colors that could work for winter as well as summer!

this crewcuts top is just adorable

kate spade Iphone case...yes please!