I'm Back!!

Sorry I have been so MIA lately!! After a lovely Thanksgiving break I unfortunately got sick with the stomach flu, let's just say that wasn't fun...at all. My sister had it during break and you know how it goes...once one family member catches something they all get it!

Now that I'm better I have been so busy with school work seeing as it's finals season! I've even been too busy to notice that Christmas is only 19 days away (well...maybe not too busy!)!!! But I really do need to get a start on all the shopping I have to do! I don't have much I want this year (except for a white Iphone.....santa....please....I hate my blackberry...) but here are somethings I wouldn't mind finding underneath the tree Christmas morning ;)

For New Years!

I just love this dress!

love the darker colors that could work for winter as well as summer!

this crewcuts top is just adorable

kate spade Iphone case...yes please!


Michelle P said...

I need those shoes! They would look perfect with my NYE dress.

Barefoot and Preppy said...

michelle-Lulu's!! they are a steal too!!

Danielle and Trev said...

I LOVE IT ALL!! Your blog is adorable. Following now. I cannot get over those SHOES!!