All Natural!

I don't really do New Years resolutions just because I never stick with them but one thing I have been doing a lot more of is going more natural and healthy!

I started with stopping all of my medicines that I normally took, minus vitamins. I am easily stressed out and have these "attacks" of anxiety so I have been on and off anxiety medicine for about two years. I actually don't see that much of a difference when I am on it anyways but I definitely think there are different ways of channeling my anxiety. Yoga, baths, running, and chamomile tea are all things I have learned that help me when I'm stressed/anxious.

This is a tricky one and I'm still really really working on it but cutting dairy out of my diet. I absolutely LOVE cheese and milk but our bodies weren't made to digest lactose, therefore we shouldn't be consuming it (in my opinion, obviously). The cheese and cream (for my coffee) I have yet to eliminate from my diet but milk is a goner. I've tried soy milk in the past and despised it but I recently stumbled upon almond milk and fell in loooveeee. I have been putting it into my Kashi cereal and it is divine!!! (I use plain but they also sell it in sugar free, and vanilla.)

One thing in the past that I hadn't done was read ingredient labels. I've begun to read all the labels of my food to make sure I know what I am putting in my body. It is crazy to see how much added sugar is in things! (side-note about sugars: I have found the less sugar you eat, the less you want sugary foods. Once you cut most sugars out of your diet you won't even like sugary food!) You are what you eat!

I have also wanted to cut coffee out of diet. This is crazy I know, but there are many other foods that can give you the same effect as coffee. To start, as SOON as you wake up you should drink as much water as you possibly can. For me it took a while of working up to, but I drink an entire camelback water bottle that I fill up before I go to bed and place on my night stand. I then wait an hour (in the mean time I get dressed/ready for whatever I am doing that day) to eat. I swear by doing this water trick, it really really wakes you up and it is supposed to flush out the toxins that have built up in your body over night. I have found eating an orange every morning has given me a boost of energy along with my Kashi cereal with almond milk and chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is usually a bed time drink but I like to drink it at night and in the morning as well. It puts me to sleep at night but then relaxes me for the day.

Typical Breakfast! 

I have also had back problems for years now and whenever the pain was unbearable I would take medicine. Well since i cut all medicine out I have begun to go to a chiropractor instead! It is a really interesting and different approach but I LOVE it!!

This "holistic" lifestyle is really new and different for me so I'm just trying to take it slowly but so far I feel a lot healthier than I ever have!

Is anyone else going healthier this new year?! Or am I just crazy?


Savannah said...

Almond milk is the BEST ... Especially the vanilla! I love all of these goals and want to try the early morning water thing. I am usually coffee only until 9 am or so. Thanks for the inspiration!

The English Preppy said...

Almond Milk has mroe calcium than cow's milk and is delish! Cows milk is obv for baby cows and full of hormones so no wonder our bodies don't like it! I've tried all of these changes to and feel much better for it - then slowly reintroduced the foods and caffeine, but in moderation. Best of luck! :)