Friday Favorites!

Here are some of the things I'm loving this Friday!

1. The Baltimore Ravens!!! Can't wait to watch them proceed to the next round of the playoffs on Sunday! 

2. My North Face Parka, seriously one of my best purchases yet. Although it hasn't gotten too cold in Baltimore yet it was really windy today and it definitely saved me on my adventure to the mall! 

3. Pinterest! I know most people have probably already gotten into it but for me this is something new and exciting!

How fun is this?!
4. Moroccan Argan Oil! Helllooo hair miracle, I may do a more in depth post about this sometime in the future but I SWEAR by it! 

5. Gel nail polish! A manicure lasting about 2 weeks is virtually unheard right?! WRONG...I promise these last for a good two weeks, and possibly longer if you are gentler than I am. 

What are you loving this Friday!?
xox Rachel 


Savannah said...

Love that coat and LOVE Pinterest!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

kelseaf said...

Go Ravens! I am so upset I will be missing the game (my dad got tickets) due to sorority recruitment!