The Guardian

Over break one of my goals was to read two books for fun. I absolutely love to read, and once I start I don't put the book down.  While I am home for the month my mom let me borrow her Kindle to download some books. I had trouble downloading them so I was searching to see what books she had already downloaded. I came across The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks and read the little bio about it. I thought why not, it would obviously be an easy read and I love anything written by Sparks!

I started reading and by the first chapter I was already crying (who would have guessed???). I completely finished the book in a matter of four days. It was about a woman who lost her husband and was dating other people only to find out one of the men she dated was not who she thought he was, he was actually a killer. The book was obviously a love story but it also had elements of mystery and suspense to it. Overall I thought it was a good book, definitely not what I was expecting out of a Nicholas Sparks book, but good.

I am now on the hunt for another book to read...any suggestions?!

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Savannah said...

I love a good N. Sparks read and will definitely have to check this book out. Thanks for the suggestion!!