Sweet Eats!

Okay so Valentine's Day is creeping upon us, whether we like it or not, so why not celebrate?! And what better way to celebrate than to make yummy treats (benefit of being single: more for me!!)?! Yesterday I made a quick and easy treat out of pretzels, hershey kisses, and m&m's!

My grocery store luckily had the Valentine's Day section already out so I snagged a bag of Valentine's m&ms. Other than that all I had to buy was Hershey Hugs since I like white chocolate better (two bags if you are like me and eat every other one while making these) and a bag of regular pretzels.

1. First I set the oven to 170 degrees F!

2. Lay down tinfoil on a cookie sheet. Carefully place pretzels down one by one.

3. Unwrap the Hershey Kisses (or hugs, whichever you prefer). Place one unwrapped Hershey Kiss on each pretzel.

4. Place the tray in the oven for a couple of minutes. It literally only takes a few minutes (mine took about 3 1/2 minutes) so watch them carefully.

5. Once they are slightly melted take them out of the oven and place one m&m on top of each Kiss.

6. Place them in the fridge to cool for about 10 minutes and you are done!!

So cute and EASY right?! You can place them in little baggies and tie a pink ribbon around them and give them as Valentines Day gifts! Have you ever made these before?! 


Capital Barbie said...

Well those look to die for! Yummy!

Emily said...

These look so yummy! I really like your blog! :]

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Sounds weird, but I love your stove! My parents have the same one, and as soon as we get a house. my eye is on that one!

The Magnolia Pair


Beth Dunn said...

SO cute!

Valerie Griffin said...

Love these! I'm having a girls Vday party & these would be great to have!

So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Excited to be your newest follower! :)

Elizabeth said...

These are so adorable and I love your blog! Definitely following!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I made these before using rolos and pecans (ok so not that exactly) and they came out great!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

So cute--I love to make Valentine treats for all my girlfriends and these would be perfect!