Times are changing!

I hope everyone had a blast ringing in the new year! It's crazy to think 2012 is upon us; I really can't believe how quickly 2011 went by. I'm not one to make resolutions because I don't tend to stick with them but instead I like to look back and reflect on my past year. (Do any of y'all do this?!)

From New Years! 

I have been such a little busy bee these past few weeks, so I apologize for my lack of blogging! After finals were over with I worked my little heart out right before the holidays...and then again right after. Now that everything is winding down it's safe to say I will be back to blogging!

Surprisingly enough, my usually uneventful life has become much more exciting lately...let me just give you an update!
1. My parents will be moving this year and decided to start a project of their own...building/and or completely redoing a new home. This is really exciting for all of us, besides the fact we will be living in a rental home until it is completed!
2. I got some GREAT news on Christmas that I will be sharing at a later date (stay tuned).
3. I am no longer team Blackberry...yup I am now living in the first world, hellloooo Iphone! (anyone know of some cute cases?!)
4. I have some great things lined up this semester!
5. I have been running, miraculously, and signed up for a 5k with my mom a sister!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I went to the outlets with my mom and sister and then attended a holiday party for my work, which I dragged my best friend to (she was my stand in boyfriend for the night...sorry)! It was good seeing people I work with outside of work..and the food wasn't bad either! I participated in Secret Santa and got a Lilly Travel Coffee Cup!! I also won the game "name that baby" and received a gift card (I was really excited because I never win ANYTHING). After that we went to a good friends house to play monopoly. Personally, I hate monopoly and this game didn't end until about 2:30 in the morning. By the time it was over all I wanted to do was crawl into bed.

Hope everyone had a great christmas and new years!! What have y'all been doing?!?!...I would love updates!! 

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Savannah said...

Sounds like life is good for you right now. Glad you are back. :) Happy New Year!