Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday, it was just one of those Mondays. I seriously could not do anything right. I went to work for a few hours then came straight home to take a nap. I felt a little more refreshed and went to dinner and froyo with an old friend. It was great to catchup and we had some great conversation!
Took this on the way to work using Instagram! 
 Today I've spent the entire day at my townhouse at school. School starts back up next week so I wanted to come get things organized and cleaned up before moving back in. I decided to pack up most of my clothes and bring them over so I wouldn't have to do it Sunday night. I feel way more prepared for school now that this daunting task has been completed!

It was gorgeous here today! 
Clean Clean Clean!! 
Tonight I will be spending the night here with my roommate Danielle because we will be waking up at 1am to get our butts to New York for the day!

Any places I should check out while in NYC?!


SimplyHeather said...

I want to go to NY :-/ have fun!!


The English Preppy said...

A lovely house you have! Have fun in NYC!

Emily said...

i hope you had fun in NYC! I'm jealous!